The story of

Poggio La Pia Estate

Andrea Sozzi Sabatini bought Poggio La Pia estate in 2015 after putting an end to a long career in finance between London and Zurich and Milan. Poggio la Pia is the ideal estate, where tradition and innovation blend together to produce one of the best Tuscan olive oils.

Old Cultivars
Rossellino, Maremmano, Generosa
New cultivars
Arbequina, Koroneiki, Lecciana, Sikitita, Maurino Vittoria
Saved germplasm
5 cultivars yet to be catalogued

Metalliferous Hills

The Metalliferous Hills extend in the central-western part of Tuscany. The landscape is a combination of wild landscapes and unmistakable bright colors due to the presence of minerals in the subsoil.


Poggio La Pia is located in the internal area of Maremma nearby Civitella Marittima.

This area is characterized by colder winters and hotter summers with a greater chance of precipitation, the ideal climate for our cultivations.


At Poggio La Pia estate ETRURIO is growing a vast range of cultivars like:

Sikitita, Rossellino, Maurino Vittoria, Maremmano, Generosa, Koroneiki, F07, Lecciana, Rama Pendula and Arbequina and it’s the place where the ancient germplasms are kept.


The Maremma area has one of the most beautiful and unique stretches of coastline in Tuscany, miles of crystal clear waters and wide sandy beaches, small hidden coves and beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea.


The Maremma area was the craddle of Etruscan civilization, in fact Civitella Marittima was orginally an Etruscan village and part of the current city walls  are dated back to the Etruscan time.

Olive oils

At Poggio Rosso ETRURIO is producing five different extra virgin olive oil blends:


Poggio La Pia Estate

The Location


Poggio la Pia is located in a beautiful and uncontaminated area typical of the Tuscan landscape featured by the presence of oaks, cypresses, strawberry trees, myrtle, heather, broom and, of course, olive trees.

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Our address

Poggio La Pia estate, Località Le Cavallinaie, 58045 Civitella Paganico (GR), Toscana, Italy