Forgotten fruits

Our belief is that there is no dividing line between tradition and innovation. As in art, the research and implementation of experimental agriculture practices, innovation aligns with contemporary.

A piece of contemporary art is easy to recognize as it offers a completely new way of seeing reality. Similarly the best innovation in agriculture is one that marries new technology and innovation with age-old traditions.

OliveGrove Partners are currently running the following experimental agriculture plantations:

xperimental Agriculture - Pistachio plants in Tuscany

Tuscan Pistachios

With the support of Pistachos del Sol, OliveGrove Partners have created the first experimental crop of pistacchio plants in Tuscany.

Tuscan Pineapple Guava

OliveGrove Partners have also laid an experimental crop of Pineapple Guava (also known as Feijoa), a small evergreen tree from South America that produces a fruit with a taste somewhere between pineapple and strawberry.

xperimental Agriculture - A Pineapple Guava tree in Tuscany

Arbutus Unedo – Corbezzolo

Following multiple evidences found in scientific literature, in 2017 the Department of Sciences of Agrifood Production and Environment (‘DISPAA’) of the University of Florence and OliveGrove Partners S.r.l. made some initial researches on the leaves of Corbezzolo, which highlighted the presence of numerous polyphenolic compounds that can be used in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields. OliveGrove is building a first experimental crop of about one hectare to deepen the research.

Pistacia Lentiscus

In addition to the Arbutus Unedo experimental crop, the new botanical garden will test other species such as the Lentisco, an evergreen shrub of the Anacardiaceae family.

Myrtus Communis

In the new botanical garden, among other plants of the Mediterranean undergrowth, there will be a cultivation of Myrtle. The purpose of OliveGrove is to develop innovative agricultural factors that will brin innovative factors to be implemented on the revival of the marginal territories of the region.

What the press are saying…

SMAU award for innovation

Awards and recognition

At SMAU 2017 we were awarded the prestigious prize for innovation.

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